We are the fastest, most customized Process Excellence solution on the market, because we make it our mission to provide exactly what our customers need. See for yourself what makes our services the best in the business. 

Process Excellence End2End Delivery

We’ll gain a deep understanding of your business and deliver a surgical solution to your highest priorities. We will leave you with a critical measurement strategy to ensure that you continue to improve and hold the gains.

Process Excellence Coaching

We will provide ongoing coaching for your team as they lead process changes within your organization. Through emails, calls, live sessions, and video "refreshers", we deliver support as needed, when needed.

Process Excellence Professional Training

We offer training experiences in the areas of Six Sigma, Lean, and Agile. Learning approaches reflect Fortune 500 Best Practices. We blend classroom and video instructional methods with hands-on labs to ensure deep learning and retention.

Audit Process Redesign

As a Certified Internal Auditor, Ken Ramaley has seen first-hand the pitfalls of qualitative auditing. We will change the way you do Internal Audit increasing coverage and quantitatively presenting results that truly matter to your stakeholders.

Auditor CPE Training

We provide a variety of courses to help Certified auditors maintain their certifications, while providing leading-edge instruction on timely topics. Recent presentations have focused on Brand/Culture auditing, efficient process documentation, and quantitative risk assessment.

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Audit Green Belt

When you are ready to take your auditing to the next level, consider Audit Green Belt. We offer the only Six Sigma Green Belt certification tailored to internal auditors. All of the standard Green Belt tools are taught in an audit context, with hands-on audit examples and applications to provide immediate, practical value.

Our Promise

Ramaley Group is dedicated to instilling a culture of improvement for your company. Every engagement includes the establishment of ongoing management routines and metrics to ensure that your company keeps improving organically. We are not a one-size-fits-all provider. Ramaley Group will always offer what you need, when you need it, and will ensure that it lasts.

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Our services are designed to provide WHAT you need - WHEN and HOW you need it.

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