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Ken Ramaley - Process Improvement Consultant

About us

We’re the fastest, most customized process excellence solution on the market because we develop custom solutions designed for your specific needs—so you see results quickly. You want results, and you want them soon.

Most of our clients are spending $50MM+ on Digital Transformation driven by expansive promises of ROI and a team of programmers and system integrators ready to deploy. When the dust settles, your Digital Transformation will only be as good as the core business processes it is transforming. Our team's broad expertise in process integration will finally help you realize the Digital Transformation gains you were promised.

What we do for you

We improve technology-enabled processes to reduce cost-to-serve and align with changing customer and workforce demands. Our clients have achieved up to 20% improvement to operational efficiency, 40% reduction in billing errors, and 15% improvement to Customer KPIs. Our team of industry experts take you through the entire engagement — no hand-offs to junior associates.

Our promise

Results are great — but they need to last. We’re dedicated to instilling a culture of improvement in your company. Every engagement includes the establishment of management routines and metrics to ensure that your company keeps improving organically. We are not a one-size-fits-all provider. Ramaley Group provides lasting solutions that are designed for you.