Digital Transformations.

Helping Fortune 500 companies challenged by Digital Transformation to realize hard dollar benefits.


Perfecting Digital Transformation

You want results and you want them soon. Most of our clients are spending $50MM+ on Digital Transformation driven by expansive promises of ROI and a team of programmers and system integrators ready to deploy. When the dust settles, your Digital Transformation will only be as good as the core business processes it is transforming. Our team's broad expertise in process integration will finally help you realize the Digital Transformation gains you were promised.

Our framework


  • Understand company direction
  • Identify success factors
  • Quantify opportunities


  • Walk through existing processes
  • Identify customer and employee pain points
  • Validate causes of inefficiency and/or variation


  • Optimize processes
  • Digitally Transform processes to automated workflows
  • Establish E2E deployment plans


  • Establish management routines for appropriate oversight and response
  • Partner to build organizational commitment
  • Instill culture of continuous improvement

Ken Ramaley is one of those people you partner with when you decide there is a BIG business hill to take.


What we do for you

We improve technology-enabled processes to reduce cost-to-serve and align with changing customer and workforce demands. Our clients have achieved up to 20% improvement to operational efficiency, 40% reduction in billing errors, and 15% improvement to Customer KPIs.


How we’ve helped clients in various sectors

International Commercial Real Estate

  • Identified input-quality errors driving 25% delays to service delivery
  • Post-merger integration for key Operating processes and system reconciliation (Salesforce, multiple instances of ServiceNow) central to $8.4B merger
  • Reduced time-to-serve by up to 30% for critical customer segments

Global Energy Delivery

  • Designed service blueprint to integrate Fleet Automation, Salesforce, and new customer portal
  • 10% increase in new orders
  • Invoice accuracy improved by 25%
  • Developed E2E dashboards to drive real-time operational response to out-of-control conditions

Global Financial Services

  • Eliminated process wastes by re-engineering E2E audit methodology leveraging enhanced workflow systems
  • Delivered 100% of annual audit plan on-time and on-budget
  • Deployed board scorecards to demonstrate audit efficiency and effectiveness
  • Trained 100% of audit staff as Six Sigma Green Belts and coached through initial project execution

Our Businesses

We also offer specialized services through our two sub-brands.

When you're tired of auditing like it's 1999!

Ramaley Group Audit provides specialized process improvement services to help auditors achieve more risk coverage with fewer resources. Leverage our resources and expertise to implement data-driven audit methodologies, focused on "the big risks".

Lean. Six Sigma. Agile. IMPACT.

Agile Sigma Academy provides live and online training services in Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile disciplines. With 20+ years of experience, Ramaley Group will teach you to THINK like a Black Belt and impact your company's culture.